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YES: This Machine is the Keurig of Beer |Foodbeast

YES: This Machine is the Keurig of Beer |Foodbeast

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Sam's Club Will Actually Sell You An Entire Barrel of Jack Daniel's ...

I’m thrilled to know that if I ever (1) need an inordinate amount of whiskey (2) need a statement piece in my living room, I can buy an entire barrel of the stuff for slightly less than 10 thousand dollars

Open uri20140529 3173 1wo8soq article

Science Says Marinating Meat with Beer Can Reduce Your Cancer Risk

Turns out that pouring beer on your meat before grilling it makes it less likely to form carcinogens in the first place.

Open uri20140529 29263 vyl6lx article

Strawberries Are Not Berries, Yet Avocados and Watermelon Are

Ready to have your mind blown, your childish innocence shattered, your ideas of everything right in the world torn asunder?

Open uri20140529 21334 s7an6m article

22 Wonderfully Boozy Facts on Craft Beer

If you were looking for some craft beer trivia facts for your next lumberjack game night, look no further.

Open uri20140529 14299 51kr7g article

What Your Choice of Beer Says About You

According to this enlightening comic by Bite, your beer preference is basically a window into you inner soul. Basically.

Open uri20140529 8818 8ttlc5 article

The Coolest: Tiny Bicycle Pizza Cutter

It may be a while before we can ride our bikes across fields of pizza, deserts of cheese, and valleys of thick tomato sauce. Until then we can pretend that we’re able to with these adorable bicycle pizza cutters.

Open uri20140529 11690 1cpywid article

These Wine Bottles are Made from Cardboard, 85% Lighter than Glass

You can bring it hiking, collapse it after you’re done drinking (no unwieldy bottle to carry!) and deposit it in a recycling site on the way home.

Open uri20140529 3173 1pgmzxy article

Start your Engines, You Can Now Lease the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.

The Oscar Meyer Wienermobile is up for grabs, at least temporarily.

Open uri20140529 3173 1qbaf17 article

Artist Creates Exquisitely Illustrated Recipes from Around the World ...

What do lamingtons, banana bread, and Thai barracuda stew have in common?

Open uri20140529 11690 c7y0dm article

7 Hilarious Amazon Reviews on the Real-Life Vagina Toaster

We know what you’re wondering. Is this actually a burnt vagina on toast? Is it actually for sale? For actual people to purchase? I can’t even…

Open uri20140529 3173 mg0vlp article

This Lonely Bachelor's Food Blog Will Make You Cry

Seriously guys, if you’re really struggling this much, email me. I will come over and cook you a meal. You’re breaking my heart here.

Open uri20140529 3173 1fqibz2 article

Magical Sous-Vide Robot Prepares Your Meals and Knows Your ...

Magical Sous-Vide Robot Prepares Your Meals and Kno...

Open uri20140529 14299 c9wpzm article

Starbucks Sends Cease and Desist Letter to Bar for Using 'F Word

When Jeff Britton at Exit 6 Brewery in Missouri got a cease and desist letter from Starbucks, he knew there was only one way to respond: be as scathingly hilarious as possible.

Open uri20140529 5740 kzk576 article

Faux Polaroid Camera 'Develops' Instant Slices of Cheese

If you like puns, you’ll love this adorable cheese slicer.